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IDF and Palestinian children with cancer

Israel has treated a number of Palestinian children who were at a hospital to a fun day at a ski resort in Mt. Hermon. Does this mean that it is “snowashing?”  As I will show later on, Israel has a history of treating Palestinian children who are hospitalized to a fun day at Mt. Hermon.

According to COGAT (Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories):

3 Palestinian children went to Mount Hermon in Israel on March, the 19th, with a group of Israeli children, to enjoy the mountain and the snow.

The children, treated in Schneider Hospital and Sharei Tsedek Hospital were accompanied by soldiers from the Alpine Unit of Tsahal, who enjoyed the day with tem.

The event was organized by the Civil Administration and the Israeli NGO “Tikva uMarpeh”.

In 2011, Palestinian children with cancer were also treated to a similar event.

Last week, Palestinian children diagnosed with cancer visited Israel’s only ski resort located in Mt. Hermon, northern Israel. The children, accompanied by their families, enjoyed the snow and slopes along with IDF reservists from the Alpine Unit.

IDF Soldiers Playing with Palestinian Kids Diagnosed With Cancer

The day was part of a decade-long project in which soldiers bring up groups of mentally or physically disabled children, as well as children with terminal illnesses, to Mt. Hermon for a day of fun and relaxation. The number of visits varies according to the snowfall each year, but on average amounts to 40-45 annual visits. The project is funded by the Erez Organization, a non-profit organization which consists of reserve soldiers of the Alpine Unit.

The trip was also made possible by the Civil Administration, the Israeli body responsible for administering and coordinating civilian and humanitarian needs in the West Bank. Dalia Bassa, Health and Welfare Coordinator in the CA, coordinated last week’s trip for twenty children from the Augusta Victoria Hospital’s Oncology Ward who, along with their families and six of the hospital’s medical staff, joined the soldiers in the snow.

“It’s a day of fun which helps these children deal with their illness,” she said, adding that groups of Palestinian kids go to Mt. Hermon every year and that “the families call annually to remind me of the coming snowfall”.

Breakfast at the Sea of the Galilee

The children were driven by bus to the Sea of Galilee in the morning, where they stopped at the Ein Gev Beach for a breakfast paid for the Alpine Unit’s logistics officer. From there they continued on to Mt. Hermon, where they were met with a host of IDF reservists ready to show them the slopes and join them in riding Sno-Cats and sledding.

“You see kids in green uniform playing with kids in civilian clothes,” said the commander of the Alpine Unit, who also invited a number of soldiers from the Nachal Brigade to join the fun. “I don’t presume to be a peacemaker or anything, but regardless of anyone’s personal politics it was simply a sight that did the heart good.”

Snowashing, obviously!

IDF and Palestinian children with cancer

IDF and Palestinian children with cancer



Applied Clean Tech
Applied Clean Tech


The Israelis are at it again.  Now, in an attempt to deflect attention from their crimes on the Palestinian people, they have discovered a way to convert toilet paper and fecal matter into new paper.

No doubt they will take advantage of this in deforestated areas, attempting to convert the local populations into brainwashed pro-Israel Ziobot trolls.  Luckily, we have exposed them, and now you can warn people before they fall victim to paperwashing.

It will probably take a certain market approach and finesse to get people to accept, let alone truly appreciate, recycled toilet paper. But Refael Aharon, the CEO and founder of Applied Clean Tech, is convinced that his company has landed on a sort of goldmine. It has refined the process of turning the cellulose in sludge — toilet paper, fecal matter and washing machine lint — into new paper.

The finished product has no odor and poses no biological hazard. “It’s a real recycled paper,” Aharon tells ISRAEL21c, and not just paper leftovers from printing presses and the like that have been put back in the cycle. This is material that if not reclaimed would literally go down the drain and eventually biodegrade.

After analyzing the cellulose composition in sludge, Applied Clean Tech determined that they can make a wide array of paper products from about 60 percent of the materials that get flushed down the drain. Since any plant-based cellulose we eat goes straight into the toilet as cellulose, fecal material is a useful part of the sludge.

But it gets worse.  Now, they’re trying to distract the Palestinians from their crimes, as well as convince the world that they’re not oppressing the Palestinians by sharing this invention with them.

The company is also in advanced negotiations with a wastewater facility in the Palestinian Authority, has a joint project with Jordan and is in talks with US and British companies.

“Actually we have made a lot of progress since 2009, and have since sold local licenses to Israel and the Palestinian Authority, two different licenses from which we can produce almost any kind of paper,” Aharon says. This includes writing paper and high-quality A5 graphics paper with a unique texture. “This is because of the source,” he explains.

And I bet you that this invention was created by stealing toilet paper from the Palestinians and experimenting on this toilet paper.  The Zionists never fail to disgust me.

IsraelWashing reiterates its opposition to the Zionist regime’s crimes against the Palestinians and its oppression of the Palestinians and its illegal occupation and illegal settlements, which they attempt to cover up by having their citizens create new technologies and assist in aid missions.   We reiterate our belief that Zionists are inherently evil and racist, and thus can do no good for the Palestinians or the world.