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Here’s another great Israeli technology that benefits the world, and it remains to be seen whether BDS activists will boycott.  This technology prevents microbacterial infestation of foods and beverages.But for those who are convinced that Zionists are inherently evil beings who can do no good, and only help the world in order to cover up for their alleged “crimes,” this will go down as “Milkwashing.”

Not that you should wash milk!  Some anti-Israel advocates out there have a bit of a narrow mind, and we wouldn’t want them to get the wrong idea.  Naturally, we’re engaging in the act of “Don’twashmilkwashing.”

Consumers in the U.S. and Europe could soon benefit from the fruits of an Israeli technology that can prevent microbacterial infestation of foods and beverages. Ness Ziona-based Oplon has signed an agreement with a large multinational food manufacturer for the development of packaging materials based on Oplon’s technology. The 3-year deal is worth $8 million, not including royalties that may accrue based on the products developed, the company said.

Oplon specializes in the development of materials that ward off the growth of bacteria on surfaces. The coatings use a special set of molecules that create an electrical charge, zapping bacteria. According to Oplon, the packaging can keep food germ-free for days — and even weeks — without refrigeration or preservatives. An open container of milk, the company says, will keep for 30 days without refrigeration, with regular pasteurized milk capable of having the shelf life and attributes of UHT milk. Water stored in Oplon containers will be disinfected, even if it is drawn from contaminated sources.

But it’s not just food!  No, that’d be good enough!  It also has a medical use.

Patches, catheters and tubes made out of Oplon-developed material have the potential to significantly reduce infections in hospitals, and they are able to act effectively even against highly resistant strains of bacteria, like MRSA.

This is really amazing!  In hospitals, it is imperative to combat the risk of infection, and hospitals go to great lengths to do just that.  This technology can seriously help many of these hospitals by combating infection.

But wait – it also has an agricultural use!

Applied to agriculture, Oplon materials can be used to prevent rot in seeds or crops, and prevent the spread of disease in fields.

And can help with acne!

Oplon has even developed a treatment for acne, which, when applied, kills the germs that cause pimples and rejuvenates the skin – showing results within hours, the company says.

Will we be hearing about “Milkwashing” soon?