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Firewashing, Religionwashing, and Christianwashing

Firewashing, Religionwashing, and Christianwashing
Firewashing, Religionwashing, and Christianwashing

Firewashing, Religionwashing, and Christianwashing

Firewashing, Religionwashing, and Christianwashing. Why so many names? Well, we couldn’t think of one sole name, and all of them fit, so we went with all!

But on a more serious note – the Zionist regime is attempting to cover up their brutal crimes that they commit in illegally occupied Palestine on a daily basis by allowing Christians to visit their holy site for Easter and perform a ritual that invovles fire.

The author of this post would like to shift from the satirical tone for a moment and make this point.  When Jordan occupied Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria (what they renamed the “West Bank”), an occupation that only England and Pakistan recognized, Jews were not allowed to visit their holy sites.  Many holy sites were in fact destroyed.  The Kotel, or Western Wall/Wailing Wall, became a garbage dump.  And the al-aqsa mosque was hardly important either.

Christians weren’t fully restricted, but there were severe restrictions.  Very few were allowed to enter.  The same is not true for the modern era, when Israel has control over Jerusalem.  All religions are free to worship as they want, and you can see this any day in Jerusalem.  While some Christians and Arabs from Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) may need permits to go to Jerusalem, this is for security reasons, and makes sense considering the number of suicide bombings that occured in Jerusalem during the Second Intifada.

Hopefully, one day, terrorism will be rejected and this will not be needed anymore.  But that day isn’t today.

Thousands of Christians lit candles and torches from a flame that emerged from the tomb of Jesus in a Jerusalem church Saturday as they conducted an ancient fire ritual that celebrates the Messiah’s resurrection.

Plumes of smoke wafted through the crammed Church of the Holy Sepulcher as jostling pilgrims carrying crosses, candles and mobile phones set to record the event passed the flame from one to another.

Flanking the chanting crowds were dozens of black-clad Israeli police, specialized khaki-clad riot-prevention forces and border security guards keeping order. Photographers teetered over the crowds trying to snap photos. Palestinian women ululated as the fire emerged. Young men banged on drums and a few heated pilgrims got into fistfights that were broken up by the Israeli forces.

Amid them all were clerics in colorful robes designating their particular church, trying to get as close as possible to the ornate chamber in the cavernous Holy Sepulcher where many Christian traditions believe that Jesus was briefly entombed after he was crucified nearby.

Once they had their candles lit, the pilgrims and clerics quickly rushed outside of the ancient church, seeking to pass on the flames to pilgrims waiting in the narrow cobblestone alleys nearby.

So take your pick.  Firewashing, religionwashing, or Christianwashing.  Or be like us, and use all of them!