What is Aidwashing?

Aidwashing is the belief that whenever Israel sends an aid delegation to help a country after a natural disaster, or an Israeli organization helps people in need, Israel does this only to cover up for their alleged “crimes.”  It follows the thought that Zionists are inherently evil with no good inside of them, as well as the misguided view that Israel is an aggressive, belligerent, oppresive force that ruthlessly is engaging in ethnic cleansing (despite the Arab and Palestinian population rising in both numbers and percentages).

Thus, when the IDF sends an aid delegation to set up the first field hospital in Haiti after an earthquake, it’s an example of Aidwashing.  And when they send a delegation to help Japan after a tsunami, this is also Aidwashing.

IDF aid delegation in Japan

IDF aid delegation in Japan

Naturally, this is as incorrect as any other form of “washing” associated with Israel, be it Pinkwashing, Equalitywashing, Technologywashing, etc.

To combat this, we highlight the many cases in which Israel or an Israeli organization assists the world by helping them after a natural disaster or helping save lives.  Sometimes, Aidwashing overlaps with Technologywashing, and sometimes it overlaps with Equalitywashing, such as when the IDF treats Palestinian kids with cancer to a ski resort at Mt. Hermon.


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