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IsraelWashing was created to oppose the ridiculous nature of some anti-Israel activists, who immediately twist anything good that Israel does and insist they are only doing this to cover up for alleged “crimes” they commit against the Palestinians.  In their twisted, narrow view, Zionists are inherently evil, and can do no good.

So when Israel sends a delegation to Haiti after an earthquake strikes, and they are the first to form a field hospital, they are not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. No, no!  Rather, it is to distract the world from their alleged “crimes” against the Palestinians.

IDF aid delegation to Haiti

IDF aid delegation to Haiti

The same goes for technology they create.  They are not a start-up nation, create the software in your computers and phones, and create software that combats online fraud, because they want to help the world.  Rather, it’s because they are evil people who want to distract the world from their “alleged” crimes against the Palestinians.

And the fact that they grant full rights and equality to all their citizens, including their Arab population who constitue 20% of their population, doesn’t mean anything either.  It’s not because they’re a democratic Western country, in a region full of autocracy and dictatorship (that these anti-Israel activists don’t protest or dedicate as much time to).  Rather, it’s because these cruel barbarians want to cover up their “alleged” crimes against the Palestinians.

This type of thinking results from two seperate causes.

  • The tendency of anti-Israel activists to perceive Israel as inherently evil, and thus Zionists are evil, because they are brainwashed and fed lies by Pallywood.  Indeed, there is a difference between being pro-Palestinian, which most Israelis are (simply supporting a negotiated solution that helps resolve the Israeli-Arab conflict and gives the Palestinians a state that lives side by side in peace with Israel), and denying the Jews the right to a homeland.
  • The inability to counter pro-Israeli advocacy, and thus resorting to ridiculous arguments that are tough to respond to because they are ludicrous and stating that whatever good Israel does, it must be to cover up their alleged “crimes.”

Perhaps this is best demonstrated by the phenomenon of pinkwashing, which was immortalized by a CUNY professor in an op-ed in the New York Times.  This ridiculous conspiracy theory should never have been published in the first place, but that’s a different matter.

In her op-ed, Sarah Schulman insists that Israel isn’t one of the most gay-friendly countries because they are good people who favor equality, but rather because they want to cover up for their alleged “crimes.”  To her, Israelis and Zionists simply can’t do any good, and simply can’t favor equality or be gay-friendly.  Thus, the fact that Tel Aviv was voted as the #1 travel destination for homosexuals isn’t because Tel Aviv supports gay rights, but rather because the crafty Zionists want to cover up for their alleged “crimes.”

Tel Aviv has been named the world’s number one gay city.

The Israeli metropolis beat out competition from New York to top a survey carried out by American Airlines and GayCities.com to find the most popular destination for gay travellers.

It landed a staggering 43 per cent of the vote, way ahead of runner-up New York’s 14 per cent and third-placed Toronto with 7 per cent.

Sao Paolo came in at four with 6 per cent, while rounding out the top five with 5 per cent each were London and Madrid.

GayCities described Tel Aviv as ‘the gay capital of the Middle East is exotic with a Mediterranean c’est la vie attitude’.

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai hailed his ‘free city’ and said he is proud of the survey results.

He wrote on his Facebook page: ‘Victory in this competition further highlights the fact that Tel Aviv is a city that respects all people equally, and allows all people to live according to their values and desires.

‘This is a free city in which everyone can feel proud, and be proud of who they are.’

Proud winner: Tel Aviv has topped a survey to find the most popular city destination for gay travellers

Proud winner: Tel Aviv has topped a survey to find the most popular city destination for gay travellers

The notion is ridiculous.  Especially in Tel Aviv, where a large part of the population have political views that lean towards the left, which favor gay rights.  Especially in Tel Aviv, which was voted the #1 travel destination for gays.  Especially in Tel Aviv, which has been hosting parades celebrating gay rights for years.

This is the same Tel Aviv, where Palestinian gay groups (that don’t reveal the names of their members out of fear) host their parties!  Not in Ramallah, where they wouldn’t be allowed, but in Tel Aviv!

And yet, to people like Schluman, while Israel can do no good, Palestinians can do no bad.  Terrorism is excused and justified; they are the victims fighting for a just cause.  Palestinians are tolerant and liberal people, despite the fact that they can’t even host parties for homosexuals in their own cities, as I mentioned earlier!

This is hate, pure and simple.  It is an irrational and disgusting hatred.

AtIsraelWashing, we seek to combat this hatred by highlighting all the good that comes out of Israel.  By highlighting the remarkable technology that helps all of us, the aid missions that Israel sends around the world, the cultural aspects of Israel that make it so unique, and the equality that people enjoy in Israel.  We actively counter people like Schulman and whatever conferences they may host on “Pinkwashing” by showcasing their irrational hatred and how far it is from the truth.

We hope that you enjoy.


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