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IDF and Palestinian children with cancer

Israel has treated a number of Palestinian children who were at a hospital to a fun day at a ski resort in Mt. Hermon. Does this mean that it is “snowashing?”  As I will show later on, Israel has a history of treating Palestinian children who are hospitalized to a fun day at Mt. Hermon.

According to COGAT (Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories):

3 Palestinian children went to Mount Hermon in Israel on March, the 19th, with a group of Israeli children, to enjoy the mountain and the snow.

The children, treated in Schneider Hospital and Sharei Tsedek Hospital were accompanied by soldiers from the Alpine Unit of Tsahal, who enjoyed the day with tem.

The event was organized by the Civil Administration and the Israeli NGO “Tikva uMarpeh”.

In 2011, Palestinian children with cancer were also treated to a similar event.

Last week, Palestinian children diagnosed with cancer visited Israel’s only ski resort located in Mt. Hermon, northern Israel. The children, accompanied by their families, enjoyed the snow and slopes along with IDF reservists from the Alpine Unit.

IDF Soldiers Playing with Palestinian Kids Diagnosed With Cancer

The day was part of a decade-long project in which soldiers bring up groups of mentally or physically disabled children, as well as children with terminal illnesses, to Mt. Hermon for a day of fun and relaxation. The number of visits varies according to the snowfall each year, but on average amounts to 40-45 annual visits. The project is funded by the Erez Organization, a non-profit organization which consists of reserve soldiers of the Alpine Unit.

The trip was also made possible by the Civil Administration, the Israeli body responsible for administering and coordinating civilian and humanitarian needs in the West Bank. Dalia Bassa, Health and Welfare Coordinator in the CA, coordinated last week’s trip for twenty children from the Augusta Victoria Hospital’s Oncology Ward who, along with their families and six of the hospital’s medical staff, joined the soldiers in the snow.

“It’s a day of fun which helps these children deal with their illness,” she said, adding that groups of Palestinian kids go to Mt. Hermon every year and that “the families call annually to remind me of the coming snowfall”.

Breakfast at the Sea of the Galilee

The children were driven by bus to the Sea of Galilee in the morning, where they stopped at the Ein Gev Beach for a breakfast paid for the Alpine Unit’s logistics officer. From there they continued on to Mt. Hermon, where they were met with a host of IDF reservists ready to show them the slopes and join them in riding Sno-Cats and sledding.

“You see kids in green uniform playing with kids in civilian clothes,” said the commander of the Alpine Unit, who also invited a number of soldiers from the Nachal Brigade to join the fun. “I don’t presume to be a peacemaker or anything, but regardless of anyone’s personal politics it was simply a sight that did the heart good.”

Snowashing, obviously!

IDF and Palestinian children with cancer

IDF and Palestinian children with cancer



Habimah Theatre

What is Culturewashing?

Culturewashing is the belief that whenever Israel or an Israeli cultural company engage in “culture,” Israel does this only to cover up for their alleged “crimes.”  It follows the thought that Zionists are inherently evil with no good inside of them, as well as the misguided view that Israel is an aggressive, belligerent, oppresive force that ruthlessly is engaging in ethnic cleansing (despite the Arab and Palestinian population rising in both numbers and percentages).

Thus, when the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra performs overseas, it is not doing this to spread Israeli music and perform for those who are interested in a broad range of classical music.  Or when the Habima Theater performs A Merchant of Venice in England for the Globe to Globe Festival, it is not doing this to entertain people who are interested in a variety of cultural performances of various plays.  No, it’s doing this to cover up for alleged “crimes.”

Habimah Theatre

Habimah Theatre

Naturally, this is as incorrect as any other form of “washing” associated with Israel, be it Pinkwashing, Equalitywashing, Technologywashing, etc.

And yet, this merits calls for a boycott from “cultural artists,” most prominently Emma Thompson. he idea of a cultural boycott is ludicrous, as artists and actors are supposed to embrace the cultural arts and the spreading of the cultural arts.  Yet even if one was to accept a cultural boycott, these people aren’t calling to boycott China, which is also participating in the festival, despite China having one of the highest execution rates and worst human rights abuses.  Nor are they calling to boycott the Palestinians, who are also performing in this festival, despite the large levels of incitement on state-television, the election of a terrorist government in 2006 (Hamas, which the U.S., U.K., Canada, E.U., and many others consider a terrorist organization), the naming of streets after terrorists, the ruthless suicide bombings and rocket launches, and the refusal to engage in direct negotiations.  We are not saying to boycott Palestinians, which we find ridiculous, but merely pointing out their hypocrisy by extending their twisted argument.

A cultural boycott is hypocritical

A cultural boycott is hypocritical

Thankfully, there was a huge wave of support for the theater too.  For example, see this letter published in the Guardian by various cultural artists who support Habima performing in England.  Author Howard Jacobson was equally vocal, insisting that:

If there is one justification for art… it is that it proceeds from, and addresses, our unaligned humanity. Whoever would go to art with a mind made up on any subject misses the point of what art is for.

“So to censor it in the name of political or religious conviction… is to tear out its very heart. For artists themselves to do such a thing to art is not only treasonable, it is an act of self-harm.

“With last week’s letter to the Guardian, McCarthyism came to Britain. You can hear the minds of people in whom we vest our sense of creative freedom snapping shut.”

Writing in the Huffington Post, B.J. Epstein also slammed this move.

It is in part through cultural exchange that we can learn about others. We can read literature from other countries to learn something about life there. We can make recipes from ethnic cookbooks in order to find out what another group eats and how they celebrate. We can attend performances by dance troupes or theatre companies, we can listen to music, we can study history textbooks, we can look at pictures, we can watch films or television programmes. Works of culture serve as a window, which we can look through in order to find out more about a particular person or group.

In short, we can gain access to another world, another mind, by experiencing something of their culture. We bring that person or that group closer to us in this way and we might learn that actually we have some things in common. We might learn that we were wrong to judge them the way we did. We might realise that we didn’t really know what they thought or felt about a specific matter.

If we instead decide that cultural boycotting makes sense whenever we disagree with a particular group or don’t like those people or their actions, then we are saying that we have no urge to learn, to gain access, to get closer. And how much have we lost then?…

Shutting the window leaves us sitting at home alone, by ourselves, ignorant, hating and fearing what is outside without ever daring to take a peek.

I do not know how much Emma Thompson knows about the Israeli-Arab conflict.  My guess is not much.  I’m sure that she had good intentions, but was misguided by propagandists and liars.  Thus, the ridiculous call for a cultural boycott.

To combat this, we highlight the many cases in which Israel or an Israeli organization showcases their unique culture or cultural aspects.

What is Aidwashing?

IDF aid delegation in Japan

What is Aidwashing?

Aidwashing is the belief that whenever Israel sends an aid delegation to help a country after a natural disaster, or an Israeli organization helps people in need, Israel does this only to cover up for their alleged “crimes.”  It follows the thought that Zionists are inherently evil with no good inside of them, as well as the misguided view that Israel is an aggressive, belligerent, oppresive force that ruthlessly is engaging in ethnic cleansing (despite the Arab and Palestinian population rising in both numbers and percentages).

Thus, when the IDF sends an aid delegation to set up the first field hospital in Haiti after an earthquake, it’s an example of Aidwashing.  And when they send a delegation to help Japan after a tsunami, this is also Aidwashing.

IDF aid delegation in Japan

IDF aid delegation in Japan

Naturally, this is as incorrect as any other form of “washing” associated with Israel, be it Pinkwashing, Equalitywashing, Technologywashing, etc.

To combat this, we highlight the many cases in which Israel or an Israeli organization assists the world by helping them after a natural disaster or helping save lives.  Sometimes, Aidwashing overlaps with Technologywashing, and sometimes it overlaps with Equalitywashing, such as when the IDF treats Palestinian kids with cancer to a ski resort at Mt. Hermon.

Indiawashing through Aidwashing


United Hatzalah engages in Indiawashing via aidwashing

Once again, an Israeli organization is helping the world – or more specifically, saving lives.  Yup, this time it’s aidwashing, and since it’s in India, this is a case of Indiawashing.

NOTE: We would like to reiterate that aidwashing is NOT the same as AIDSwashing.  The first refers to Israel’s help in saving lives and sending medical delegations after natural disasters strike countries.  The latter refers to an Israeli company developing technology to combat AIDS or an Israeli organization helping victims of AIDS.

An Israeli organisation, United Hartzalah, might have just cracked the code. The  idea is simple; it depends on a network of volunteers and smart use of  technology. The organisation recruits volunteers, gives them 100 hours of  training, equips them with a kit containing medicines and devices that fit on a  two wheeler, and lets them get on with their normal lives. When an emergency  strikes, it locates the volunteer closest to the scene and alerts him. The  volunteer rushes to the scene and provides first aid. There are 1,700 volunteers  across Israel and they arrive at the scene in a matter of minutes. Eli Beer, who  founded United Hartzalah, says he is aiming to crunch this number to 90 seconds.

But even Al Jazeera, which is widely critical of Israel (and whose Arabic channels go beyond plain criticism), reported on this!

United Hatzalah has not only saved hundreds of lives, it has also had a  positive impact on the social fabric. Recently, Al Jazeera aired a documentary  on how the organisation brought Arabs and Jews together in a region that’s  defined by extreme hatred. Mark Gerson, co-founder of Gerson Lehrman Group and  chairman of United Hatzalah, says right now they have an oversupply of people  wanting to volunteer in Israel. Beer and Gerson hope to replicate the model  across the world, including India.

Across the world… No doubt that fraudulent manuscripts such as Protocols of the Elders of Zion will flash in some anti-Israel advocates minds.  Will we be seeing op-eds how Israel’s “tentacles” are extending across the world through aidwashing, attempting to cover up for their alleged “crimes?”

However, India might turn out to be  different, given its size and background. Israel is a small country, and its  population—76 lakh—is smaller than that of Hyderabad. What works in Israel might  not work in India. But the size of the countries shouldn’t matter, says Gerson.  The ideal way to go about it would be to take one city at a time, get the  fundamentals right, put the system in place, and scale up over time.

In  fact, in Brazil, they have started with Sao Paulo. The experience has been  good—the volunteers were easy to come by and the technology works as well as it  did in Israel. “We are looking to assist the Sao Paulo group to expand in Rio de  Janeiro. Operational plans are already underway. United Hatzalah is assisting in  a similar programme in Panama as well,” says Beer.

The Economist has more information on United Hatzalah.

ISRAELIS know all too well the need for first aid—and the difficulties of providing it. When Eli Beer was four, in 1978, he saw the carnage after a hijacked bus exploded. In 2001 he was knocked to the ground by a secondary bomb intended to kill first-aiders rushing to the scene of a suicide blast.

Conventional ambulances called to such scenes have plenty of fancy equipment, but they start from a central location and often struggle to squeeze through traffic jams. So they often arrive too late: the most gravely injured often die in minutes.

Mr Beer has designed something better. His charity, United Hatzalah, co-ordinates a group of 1,700 volunteers scattered around Israel. All are trained in basic first aid. And each has a GPS-enabled smartphone revealing exactly where he or she is…

The model—of dispersed volunteers using ubiquitous gadgets, a simple medical kit and a motorbike—is easily exportable. A similar (but smaller) scheme has started in São Paulo. Mark Gerson, a successful New York-based businessman who chairs United Hatzalah’s board, says it is his dream to spread the ingenious and low-cost idea far, wide and fast.

Israelis doing good isn’t an unusual phenomenon.  What is a phenomenon is some people’s inability to comprehend this.  When you encounter someone like this, realize that we all comprehend facts at different paces and realize that Zionists and Israelis are actually human beings who are not evil.  It all takes us different paces, some longer than others, and until that person can comprehend this, all you have to do is “pace them,” which generally consists of a pat on the back while saying, “Paces, paces.”

Here is the website of United Hatzalah, in case you want to make a donation.

<h/t Elder of Ziyon>




Here’s another great Israeli technology that benefits the world, and it remains to be seen whether BDS activists will boycott.  This technology prevents microbacterial infestation of foods and beverages.But for those who are convinced that Zionists are inherently evil beings who can do no good, and only help the world in order to cover up for their alleged “crimes,” this will go down as “Milkwashing.”

Not that you should wash milk!  Some anti-Israel advocates out there have a bit of a narrow mind, and we wouldn’t want them to get the wrong idea.  Naturally, we’re engaging in the act of “Don’twashmilkwashing.”

Consumers in the U.S. and Europe could soon benefit from the fruits of an Israeli technology that can prevent microbacterial infestation of foods and beverages. Ness Ziona-based Oplon has signed an agreement with a large multinational food manufacturer for the development of packaging materials based on Oplon’s technology. The 3-year deal is worth $8 million, not including royalties that may accrue based on the products developed, the company said.

Oplon specializes in the development of materials that ward off the growth of bacteria on surfaces. The coatings use a special set of molecules that create an electrical charge, zapping bacteria. According to Oplon, the packaging can keep food germ-free for days — and even weeks — without refrigeration or preservatives. An open container of milk, the company says, will keep for 30 days without refrigeration, with regular pasteurized milk capable of having the shelf life and attributes of UHT milk. Water stored in Oplon containers will be disinfected, even if it is drawn from contaminated sources.

But it’s not just food!  No, that’d be good enough!  It also has a medical use.

Patches, catheters and tubes made out of Oplon-developed material have the potential to significantly reduce infections in hospitals, and they are able to act effectively even against highly resistant strains of bacteria, like MRSA.

This is really amazing!  In hospitals, it is imperative to combat the risk of infection, and hospitals go to great lengths to do just that.  This technology can seriously help many of these hospitals by combating infection.

But wait – it also has an agricultural use!

Applied to agriculture, Oplon materials can be used to prevent rot in seeds or crops, and prevent the spread of disease in fields.

And can help with acne!

Oplon has even developed a treatment for acne, which, when applied, kills the germs that cause pimples and rejuvenates the skin – showing results within hours, the company says.

Will we be hearing about “Milkwashing” soon?

Firewashing, Religionwashing, and Christianwashing

Firewashing, Religionwashing, and Christianwashing
Firewashing, Religionwashing, and Christianwashing

Firewashing, Religionwashing, and Christianwashing

Firewashing, Religionwashing, and Christianwashing. Why so many names? Well, we couldn’t think of one sole name, and all of them fit, so we went with all!

But on a more serious note – the Zionist regime is attempting to cover up their brutal crimes that they commit in illegally occupied Palestine on a daily basis by allowing Christians to visit their holy site for Easter and perform a ritual that invovles fire.

The author of this post would like to shift from the satirical tone for a moment and make this point.  When Jordan occupied Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria (what they renamed the “West Bank”), an occupation that only England and Pakistan recognized, Jews were not allowed to visit their holy sites.  Many holy sites were in fact destroyed.  The Kotel, or Western Wall/Wailing Wall, became a garbage dump.  And the al-aqsa mosque was hardly important either.

Christians weren’t fully restricted, but there were severe restrictions.  Very few were allowed to enter.  The same is not true for the modern era, when Israel has control over Jerusalem.  All religions are free to worship as they want, and you can see this any day in Jerusalem.  While some Christians and Arabs from Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) may need permits to go to Jerusalem, this is for security reasons, and makes sense considering the number of suicide bombings that occured in Jerusalem during the Second Intifada.

Hopefully, one day, terrorism will be rejected and this will not be needed anymore.  But that day isn’t today.

Thousands of Christians lit candles and torches from a flame that emerged from the tomb of Jesus in a Jerusalem church Saturday as they conducted an ancient fire ritual that celebrates the Messiah’s resurrection.

Plumes of smoke wafted through the crammed Church of the Holy Sepulcher as jostling pilgrims carrying crosses, candles and mobile phones set to record the event passed the flame from one to another.

Flanking the chanting crowds were dozens of black-clad Israeli police, specialized khaki-clad riot-prevention forces and border security guards keeping order. Photographers teetered over the crowds trying to snap photos. Palestinian women ululated as the fire emerged. Young men banged on drums and a few heated pilgrims got into fistfights that were broken up by the Israeli forces.

Amid them all were clerics in colorful robes designating their particular church, trying to get as close as possible to the ornate chamber in the cavernous Holy Sepulcher where many Christian traditions believe that Jesus was briefly entombed after he was crucified nearby.

Once they had their candles lit, the pilgrims and clerics quickly rushed outside of the ancient church, seeking to pass on the flames to pilgrims waiting in the narrow cobblestone alleys nearby.

So take your pick.  Firewashing, religionwashing, or Christianwashing.  Or be like us, and use all of them!






The Zionists have found a new type of culturewashing – rockwashing!

According to this report, this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee class includes eight Jewish musicians and artists.

This year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee class includes eight Jewish musicians and artists, many of whom set the stage for future bands in their respective genres, said Belkin.

In the performer category, Jack Irons and the late Hillel Slovak, two founding members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers; the late singer/songwriter Laura Nyro; former Guns N’ Roses drummer and Cleveland native Steven Adler; and the Beastie Boys’ Michael Diamond, Adam Horovitz and Adam Yauch round out 2012’s Jewish inductees.

Also being inducted is producer and executive Don Kirshner as a “non-performer.” He managed songwriters like Carole King, Barry Mann and Neil Diamond.

King, herself a 1990 Hall of Famer, along with Bette Midler, both Jewish performers, will be presenters this year.

This is a clear attempt to cover up for their atrocities that they are committing in illegally occupied Palestine.  By showing that they are good at rock & roll, they are brainwashing people to believe that they are normal humans and citizens who take part in cultural activities.  But we know that’s not true – the only thing a Zionist, who is born evil, can do is abuse a Palestinian.

But look! The Zionists admit that this is all part of their grand scheme to influence people!

“I think it’s clear to say that when you rise to the top of your profession, you’re going to influence future generations,” said Belkin. “Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns N’ Roses … as evidenced by their induction into the Hall of Fame, are at the top of the food chain and have been for 25 years. That’s pretty significant.”

We’re still trying to figure out how referring to these Jews as Zionists fits into our mantra that not all Jews are Zionists, but we’ll get back to that later! The important thing is that we have exposed rockwashing.